Chell Instruments launch new website
Chell launch new website
May 3, 2023

Gas measurement and control system experts, Chell Instruments, have launched a new improved website as they look to support even more companies in 2023.

As market-leaders in pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions, Chell have updated their website to give visitors a better understanding of the products and service they provide.

“We are proud to be launching our brand-new website. We want to give engineers even greater ability to explore our products, so they can discover the most adaptive and accurate solutions for their needs” says Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments.

Chell Instruments have been a supplier and manufacturer of pressure and flow instrumentation for more than 40 years. Their products are used for high accuracy pressure, temperature and flow testing within sectors including motorsport, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and energy.

The new website was designed with the support of Full Mix Marketing who have helped deliver strategic, digital and creative marketing for Chell Instruments for almost five years.

It was designed to significantly improve the user journey and ensure it provides the same experience on desktop and mobile devices. One of the other key changes is new sector-specific pages which detail their tailored products and solutions for key industries.

“As our technology advances, we need a website which better reflects our innovation. Our new site makes it easier to access the options engineers need to continually enhance the performance and flexibility of the gas measurement and control systems they use in their sector” adds Nick Broadley.

In 2022, Chell Instruments launched a number of innovations from their microDAQ3 to further enhancements to their Quick Disconnect range.

One industry Chell Instruments are extensively involved in is aerospace and the development of conventional jet engines, particularly making them more efficient in global efforts to boost sustainability.

They have also supported ground-breaking projects including helping German company, Lilium, trailblaze the development of electric aircraft.

Amidst global supply change challenges, Chell have also been increasingly involved in the pharmaceutical industry, where gases are frequently used to create a dry and inert atmosphere around ingredients or products.

In Formula 1 racing, the option to exploit ground effect returned in 2022. As their technology is used widely by leading teams, Chell have developed a manifold-mounted pressure scanner which enables teams to capture a comprehensive air pressure map.

“Our new website was designed to help a variety of industries effectively find products that could assist their efforts in improving efficiency. The more engineers that are able to find the relevant information to their needs, the more we can help with exciting developments” concludes Nick Broadley.

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