Who checks the accuracy of your Smart Gas Meter?
Who checks the accuracy of your Smart Gas Meter?
November 7, 2017

We have all seen or heard the adverts for smart energy meters. They automatically send your energy supplier your meter readings, and show you how much energy you are using in monetary terms. But how do you know that your smart meter is accurate?

At Chell Instruments we have developed a domestic Gas Meter Calibration System (GMCS) to calibrate smart gas meters. We have over 40 years’ experience in gas flow calibration and the design of custom systems and have designed and built a calibration system which can be tailored for any smart meter specification. Our system provides high accuracy, excellent stability and high throughput.

Being able to accurately calibrate smart meters is fundamental to this industry. There have been reports in the press of smart meters giving readings up to six times too high. A study by the University of Twente Enschede in the Netherlands, found that five different types of smart meters produced readings up to 583pc higher than the actual energy used. By June 2017, energy suppliers had installed more than seven million smart meters in homes in Britain. With the UK government wanting smart meters to be offered to every household by 2020, it’s crucial to be able to trust that they are giving accurate readings.

Jamie Shanahan, Applications Manager at Chell said “Our Gas Meter Calibration System has been designed and built using calibration expertise we have accumulated over the last 40 years. We have been providing customers worldwide with a comprehensive calibration service since 1976, and our laboratory has some of the lowest uncertainties in their fields. In combination with our design and manufacture expertise in custom systems, our customers can have confidence in the results they get.”

He added “Our GMCS is currently being used by one of the largest gas meter manufacturers in the world. They are using our systems to calibrate their range of smart meters, which are of the latest standard of meter to be installed in the UK. Fully approved by the industry regulator, millions of meters have already been calibrated by our systems.”

The standard configuration of our GMCS can verify up to 36 domestic smart gas meters simultaneously and in a matter of minutes. Each system is built to meet the specific requirements of each gas meter manufacturer’s individual product. This allows for variations of multiple meters to be calibrated simultaneously. In many cases the throughput of the GMCS can replace or exceed a site’s current gas meter flow calibration capacity in a fraction of the time and floor space.

The GMCS from Chell, provides highly accurate readings – achieving calibration laboratory grade uncertainties of measurement. The system provides simple, fast, reliable loading and unloading of the meters during the testing process – as well as leak free operation. Customers can also choose to have interchangeable meter ‘nests’ allowing the calibration of different types of meter using a single system.

The system offers many features and benefits, which are detailed in the product datasheet.

In addition to these systems, Chell also offers a full suite of support equipment and associated product test equipment.

For more information on our Gas Meter Calibration System or any other calibration services, please email info@chell.co.uk or call us on +44 1692 500555.

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