HPG400 Hot Ion / Pirani Gauge – ATM to High Vacuum

HPG400 saves cost and tool space and reduces the complexity of vacuum system installation and setup
The high pressure hot ion gauge delivers accurate, reliable pressure measurements from 1?10-5 ? 1 mbar for improved process control
User selectable hot ion emission activation between 5?10-2 and 1 mbar
Pirani interlock protects the hot filament from premature burnout
Optional graphic display and Fieldbus interfaces available
Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions
RoHS compliance
Typical Applications
Sputter applications in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics and media industry
Industrial coating
General vacuum measurement and control in the low to high vacuum range


The INFICON High Pressure Hot Ionization Pirani Gauge, HPG400, combines High Pressure Hot Ionization and Pirani sensors in a single, compact, economical package to measure pressure from 2?10-6 mbar to atmosphere (1.5?10-6 Torr to atmosphere). The HPG400 provides highly repeatable and reproducible pressure measurement for accurate sputter process pressure control.