Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge
HPM 4/5/6 Battery Operated Handheld Control Unit

– Works With DV-4, DV-5 and DV-6 thermocouple gauge tubes
– Single Switch to Operate
– 8 Pin Octal Connector
– Operates on a Single 9 Volt Battery
– Available with Torr, Pa and mbar scales
– Rugged Carrying Case Included

– Glove Boxes
– Cryogenics
– Vacuum Furnaces
– Pharmaceutical Production
– Freeze Drying
– Agricultural Processes
– Air Conditioning
– Thermal Food Containers
– Plasma Coating
– Refrigeration (HVAC)
– Accelerators
– Appliance Manufacturing


The Model HPM 4/5/6 is a compact, handheld, digital display. When combined with the Hastings Instruments rugged thermopcouple sensors it becomes a vacuum instrument designed for portability and ease of use in applications where AC power is not readily available.

The lightweight control unit operates with a standard 9 volt battery, and has user selectable units of torr, Pa and mbar. Additionally, it can be calibrated to an individual sensor or set for average sensor output to work with many different sensors of the same type. It is switchable to offer display for the DV-6 (0.001 to 1 torr), DV-5 (0 to 100 mtorr) and the DV-4 (0.01 to 20 torr) sensors without re-calibrating. These sensors are rugged, noble metal sensors which are resistant to corrosion and
can be ordered with a variety of system connections to meet your system?s requirements such as VCR?, KF 16, KF 25, Glass, MiniConflat?, etc.

The instrument is packaged in a handy, lightweight, rugged carrying case and comes complete with one 9 VDC battery.