Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge
Hastings Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes


– Corrosion-Resistant
– Non-Contaminating
– Stable Calibration
– Rugged Under Demanding Conditions
– Colour Coded For Easy Identification


– Refrigeration
– Vacuum Furnaces
– Freeze Drying
– Air Conditioning
– Pharmaceutical Production
– Cryogenics
– Accelerators
– Manufacture of Thermal Food Containers


Design Features
Hastings Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tubes are precision sensing devices designed to provide maximum accuracy in the measurement and control of vacuum. Fully compensated for both temperature and rate of temperature change, the tubes are renowned worldwide for their dependability, and boast a history of success that has endured for over 40 years. Hastings Gauge Tubes use the rugged but sensitive, time-tested Hastings thermopile sensor. Short, firmly connected thermocouples have no suspended weld to an external heater.

Gauge Tube Types
Standard Metal Gauge Tube is constructed of nickel-plated steel with colour-coded plastic base. Overpressure is 50 psig max.

Glass Gauge Tube is for high temperature and bakeable systems. 10mm (3/8-in.) O.D. smooth tubulation.

Ruggedised Gauge Tube has a nickel-plated hermetically sealed base with Monel housing for weather resistance.

Stainless Steel Gauge Tube is for weather-proof, corrosive, or bakeable applications. Withstands high over-pressurization (consult factory).

VCR Connection Gauge Tube has a female nut connection. 9/16-18 UNF, female threads with 0.75 hex, Cajon No. SS-4-VCR-3 and No. SS-4-VCR-1.

KF-16 and KF-25 Connection Gauge Tubes available in NW 25 ISO-KF flange sizes. Simplifies installation while providing a reliable seal.