Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge
DAVC Digital Vacuum Gauge

? Operates Hastings Instruments? Most Popular
DV-4, DV-5 and DV-6 Gauge Tubes
? Ranges:
DV-6 (1 ? 999 mTorr)
DV-5 (0.1 ? 100 mTorr)
DV-4 (0.02 ? 20 Torr)
? Replacement for the Model AVC
? Octal Connector to Vacuum Gauge Tube
? 9 Pin D-sub Electrical Connector
? Compatible with Calibration Reference Tubes
? 12 – 30 VDC Input
? Linear outputs: 0 – 1 VDC / 0-5 VDC / 0-10 VDC / 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA
? 0 – 1 VDC Output (Nonlinear)
? TTL Setpoint for Process Control (w/ LED)
? RS-232
? CE Compliant: EN61326


The Teledyne Hastings Instruments (THI) Digital AVC (DAVC) is a microprocessor controlled vacuum gauge meter without readout. In addition to the linear and non-linear analog output, pressure measurements can be accessed by RS232 serial communications using torr, mbar or Pa.

A precision A/D converter along with the microprocessor measures the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube?s signal output, converts the measurement to a pressure reading employing the gauge tube?s well-defined output/pressure function, and transmits the result.

These instruments are packaged in a small extruded aluminum case with controls and D-connector mounted on the top cover. The Digital AVC Vacuum Gauge Meter is available for three of THI?s most popular gauge tube families: the DV-6, DV-5 and the DV-4. The DV-6 range is 1-999 mTorr. The DV-5 range is 0.1-100 mTorr. The DV-4 range is 0.02-20 Torr.
These tubes utilize THI?s rugged but sensitive noble metal thermocouples that are designed specifically for each range. Tubes are matched and are interchangeable without calibration adjustments. They are compensated for temperature and rate of temperature change and are corrosion resistant.