Capacitance Manometers
Setra Model 730 Capacitance Manometer

Example Applications:
Process Chambers
Load Locks
Water Handlers
Absorption Chillers
Vacuum Packaging
Freeze Drying
Vacuum Distillation
Wide Compensated Operating Temperature
Extremely Low Noise
Insensitive to Environmental Changes
CE Mark Compliant
EU RoHS Compliant


    Setra's low cost, compact Model 730 is designed for Semi-conductor, Petrochemical/Pharmaceutical/Process and Industrial Vacuum Markets. The 730?s new high frequency electronics design is fully RoHS compliant and yields extremely low noise, while maintaining the fast response time required for today's critical control applications. External noise rejection, fast warm-up, resistance to environmental effects, and quick return to zero are unmatched by competing models costing twice as much.

    The 730 employs a welded, all Inconel wetted parts sensor for compatibility with virtually all process chemistries. This field proven, rigid mount, single electrode sensor provides high over-pressure capability and exceptional long-term stability.

    The Model 730 offers 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC output that is linear with pressure and independent of gas composition. A wide dynamic measuring range is insured through Percent of Reading accuracy (+/- 0.5% standard and +/-0.25% optional) and negligible temperature coefficients across its 0 to 50 degree C compensated range. Temperature coefficients of +/-0.25% FS/50degC on zero and +/-.1.35% of Reading/50degC on span are standard.

    Offered in a variety of full scale pressure ranges from 10 torr up to 1000 Torr, the Model 730 accepts 12 to 30 VDC power and can be configured with a 9 or 15 pin D-Sub or 5 pin terminal strip electrical connection, all with plug and play industry standard pinouts. A variety of vacuum fittings are also available.