Capacitance Manometers
CDG100D 100C Heated Diaphragm Gauge

Lower CoO (cost of ownership), 50% faster warm up, energy efficient low power consumption
Easy integration, wide variety of full scales, flanges and interfaces, standard with two set points
Easy one push button or remote signal zero command, zero offset adjustable
Diagnostic port for quick service and maintenance
Two year warranty, longer life time with advanced heating concept and gauge protection
No long term recalibration due to excellent signal stability and repeatability, even in harsh plasma applications
Compliance & standards: CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS
Typical Applications
Etch, CVD, PVD and other semiconductor production processes
Chemical and corrosive high temperature processes
General thin film and vacuum processes requiring gauge protection


INFICON SKY CDG100D manometers are your best choice for accurate total pressure measurement and control. CDG100D gauges are temperature controlled at 100 ?C for superior performance in demanding semiconductor and plasma processes. They are available for full scale ranges from 100 mTorr to 1000 Torr, with all common flange types and fieldbus interfaces and provide a linear 0 to 10 V, gas type independent, pressure signal. INFICON capacitance manometers use an ultra pure alumina ceramic diaphragm which is corrosion proof. The advantages of the ceramic sensor are better signal stability, faster recovery from atmosphere, short warm up time and an extraordinary lifetime. INFICON CDG are high quality, cost effective pressure sensors for demanding semiconductor, plasma and vacuum applications.