Calcube Portable Vacuum Calibration
CalCube Portable Vacuum Calibration Stand

Complete vacuum calibration stand in portable case.
Complete with dry backing pump, turbo pump and wide range gauge.
Symmetrical all welded calibration chamber suitable for calibrations to BS ISO3567:2011.
Gas control for rising and falling calibrations.
Includes 4 ports (KF25) for standards and UUT.
Includes CCD100 displays for standards and UUT.
Rugged portable enclosure with removable top and side.
Supplied with fitting set suitable for most vacuum applications.


The CalCube is a complete vacuum calibration stand built into a rugged portable enclosure. The CalCube features an all welded stainless steel calibration chamber with the necessary pumping symmetry built into it to ensure an equal pressure at all four ports. This ensures that the CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 which specifically covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems.

The calibration chamber is mated with a turbo pump via a butterfly valve. This coupled with gas inlet and butterfly bypass controls enables the pressure to be quickly set to the appropriate calibration pressures within the chamber. The butterfly bypass control also enables the unit to perform falling as well as rising calibration runs.

Included in the unit is a wide range gauge to give an indication of the pressures and a number of Chell CCD100?s that can be used for standards and the devices undergoing calibration. Options include 2 or 4 CCD100?s and also a calibration chamber temperature measurement to ensure full compliance to BS ISO3567:2011.

When assembled, the CalCube is protected on every face by the lightweight aluminium case. The top and side of the case are then removed when the unit is powered up.