Vacuum Measurement & Control

High-precision vacuum measurement and control

At Chell Instruments, we provide an extensive range of proven and innovative technology for the measurement and control of vacuums.

Our range features solutions including capacitance manometers, wide-range, high and ultra-high gauges, thermocouple gauges, displays, controllers, valves, fittings and our unique CalCube portable calibration stand.

With over 40 years’ experience in vacuum measurement and control, we can assist in specifying and supplying solutions from single instruments to bespoke automated systems.

Our calibration and repair facilities allow us to offer thorough after sales support.

Over 40 years’ experience creating class-leading vacuum measurement and control technology

Vacuum Products

Capacitance Manometers

Pirani Gauges

High & Ultra High Vacuum Gauges

Wide Range Vacuum Gauges

Thermocouple Vacuum Gauges

Calcube Portable Vacuum Calibration Stand

Displays, Controllers & Power Supplies

Needle Valves

AIM-100 Air Ingress Monitor

Vacuum Fittings

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Vacuum Measurement & Control Applications

Our vacuum measurement technology is used extensively in sectors including automotive, motorsport (including F1), aerospace (including electrification) and wind-tunnel applications.

Our vacuum control technology provides some of the lowest uncertainties available for both testing and manufacturing environments.

Vacuum Specialisms

Automotive & Motorsport

Pressure, vacuum and flow testing equipment used at the pinnacle of motorsport and vehicle development


Pressure, vacuum and flow testing solutions for jet engine, airframe and electrified flight development

Wind Tunnel

Pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement for wind-tunnel testing of aerodynamics and propulsion