Supporting the Response to Coronavirus with Calibration
Supporting the Response to Coronavirus with Calibration
May 21, 2020

Here at Chell Instruments, we’re fortunate to have clients within pharmaceuticals and healthcare manufacturing who are contributing to the production of therapeutics and equipment to aid the care of COVID-19 patients.

As ever, the accuracy of gas control and measurement equipment – both during manufacturing and product development – is critical to good outcomes. We’re pleased to be continuing to provide both equipment and calibration which supports the work others are undertaking for everyone’s benefit.

“This is a world-wide challenge which affects everyone” says Jamie Shanahan, Sales Director. “Though there is little we can do directly, we’re pleased to be playing even a small part in helping maintain the calibration of equipment which may prove important.”

Situated at our headquarters is our ISO17025 accredited calibration facility which provides some of the lowest uncertainties available for gas pressure, vacuum and flow, with supporting parameters for temperature and electrical measurement.

We’d like to reiterate our admiration for everyone working in the NHS and care homes to look after those directly affected. Also, we’d like to extend our best wishes to all those working to produce equipment and find drugs to treat and protect us.

Anyone requiring support with gas control, measurement or calibration for pharmaceuticals or healthcare equipment, please get in touch.

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