Pressure, vacuum and gas flow testing, control and calibration solutions for pharmaceuticals

Here at Chell Instruments, we provide gas testing, control and calibration equipment which help produce both every day and life-changing medications.

Gases are used throughout the pharmaceuticals sector as ingredients, catalysts and for inerting (also known as blanketing).

For over 40 years, we’ve supported clients in both pharmaceuticals research and manufacturing with gas measurement and control equipment which delivers the low uncertainties they demand.   

Gas measurement and control technology helping develop and manufacture medicines, vaccines and therapeutics


Highly accurate measurement of pressure, vacuum and gas flow is critical in both R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

At Chell Instruments, we supply measurement technology to pharmaceutical companies and research establishments across the globe – including Europe, America and Asia.

Our in-house and laboratory calibration services ensure some of the lowest available uncertainties.

Control and calibration

Pharmaceutical manufacturing often uses purified gases as reaction catalysts, to create inert & sterile environments or as ingredients within processes or products.

We serve a wide range of international pharmaceutical manufacturers, providing gas control equipment and expertise which ensure dependable accuracy and assured production.

Furthermore, we provide a range of calibration services, both within our UKAS accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory and on-site at our clients’ international operations.

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