Industrial Processes

Pressure, vacuum and gas flow testing, control and calibration solutions for industrial processes

At Chell Instruments, our testing, control and calibration equipment is utilised in many industrial and manufacturing processes which require the high-accuracy use of gases.

For over 40 years, we’ve supported clients in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, manufacturing, scientific research and many other key industries and sectors.

Our testing and measurement products are used in many research and development environments where gases are critical to new products and processes.

Our control and calibration products and services ensure precision use and low-uncertainties in many critical production environments.

Measurement and control technology at the centre of industrial R&D and processes


Here at Chell Instruments, we’ve supplied pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement technology which has been trusted in industrial processes for over five decades.

As well as an ever-growing range of unique products, we work with our clients to develop testing and measurements systems which meet their exact requirements.

Our in-situ and laboratory calibration services ensure some of the lowest available uncertainties.

Control and calibration

Gases are critical to many industrial and manufacturing processes. So is their accurate control.

Since we began in the 1976, we’ve served a wide range of industrial and commercial partners, providing products, technology and services which help control the flow and blending of gases.

Furthermore, Chell Instruments also provides a range of calibration services, both on-site and within our UKAS accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

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