Energy & Power

Testing, control and calibration solutions for gas turbine development for energy and power generation

Gas turbines are used extensively for generating electricity, power and propulsion.

At Chell Instruments, we provide gas testing, control and calibration equipment and expertise which help develop gas turbine technology – particularly the search for ever greater efficiency.

Gas turbines are a very hostile environment with high temperatures, pressures and vibrations. So, we’ve developed gas measurement technology which provides class-leading accuracy and low uncertainties – even at the hottest points!

Measurement and control technology helping make energy and power more effective, efficient and sustainable


Highly accurate measurement of pressure, vacuum and gas flow is critical for the research and development of gas turbines.

We provide an extensive range of data acquisition technology and have developed materials and surface treatments to enable the pressure measurement of extremely hot gas turbines.

In addition, we deliver a range of calibration services on-site at our clients’ international facilities and in our UKAS accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory in the UK.


In the quest for Net Zero, the efficiency of gas turbines has become a huge area of focus.

At Chell Instruments, we provide pressure, vacuum and measurement technology which is being used at the forefront of this development.

Our data acquisition (DAQ) scanners provide industry-leading low uncertainties, whilst our unique quick-disconnect (AQDC, SQDC and QDCM) couplings enable test rigs to be easily dismantled and reconnected when making modifications to turbines under test.

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