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Pressure, vacuum and flow testing solutions for vehicle development

Here at Chell Instruments, we have over 40 years’ experience supporting the development of the aerodynamic characteristics of vehicles, covering the key areas of performance, cooling and stability.

Working with partners in Formula 1 – the pinnacle of motorsport – we provide equipment and expertise which help them reduce drag, increase downforce and ultimately win races.

Within domestic and commercial vehicle development, our products are used to improve aerodynamics to increase performance and lessen energy use (by reducing aerodynamic drag).

Measurement technology which helps leaders in motorsport to compete at the very highest level

Wind Tunnel Testing

Our product ranges – particularly our data acquisition (DAQ) pressure sensors and quick-disconnect (AQDC, SQDC and QDCM) couplings – are used extensively in wind tunnels to measure the impact of developments in aerodynamics, down force and ground effect.

On-Track Testing

On-road or on-track aerodynamic testing presents a number of unique and significant challenges for sensitive equipment.

Fortunately, we’ve engineered solutions which maintain very low uncertainties in high-vibration environments – helping gather real-world data from the road or race circuit.

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