Pressure, vacuum and gas flow testing solutions for jet engine, airframe and electrified flight development

Here at Chell Instruments, our equipment and technology are involved at the forefront of modern aerospace development – increasing performance and efficiency from conventional aircraft and helping develop electrified aviation.

With five decades experience supporting aerospace, we have developed products, services and support employed by the leaders in jet engine (gas turbine) manufacturing for both commercial and military aircraft.

Our gas measurement technology is also helping with the exciting development of electric powered aircraft – including wind-tunnel and in-flight development of their airframe and electrified propulsion.

Measurement technology helping take more efficient and sustainable flight to a higher level

Gas Turbine (Jet Engine) Development

The world’s two largest manufacturers of jet engines use our technology to help continually develop their range of engines for commercial and military applications.

Our revolutionary flight data acquisition (DAQ) pressure sensors and quick-disconnect (AQDC, SQDC and QDCM) couplings enable test rigs to be easily dismantled and reconnected when making modifications to engines under test.

In 2021, we designed, built and delivered a ground-breaking Mobile Jet Engine Testing Facility. Housed within a portable shipping container, it is transported by the world’s second-largest manufacturer of jet engines to any test location required.

Airframe and the Electrification of Flight

As well as helping jet engine manufacturers increase efficiency, our products are being used in the ground-breaking development of electrified air travel.

Across, Europe, America and Asia, our testing equipment is being employed in light aircraft which are developing electric propulsion for commercial use.

Chell Instruments technology is used in the development of electrified propeller propulsion, Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT) and log-drag airframes.

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