– Software for controlling up to 16 DAQ units
– Displays data and logs data to disk.
– Controls valves within flightDAQ and microQD-VP products.
– Option to combine data from a number of different DAQ units.


Chell provides the microDAQX Windows®* based software with all our DAQ units. The software can be used to control, display data from and log data to disk for any combination of microDAQ, nanoDAQ, nanoDAQ-LT and flightDAQ products. microDAQX will connect to the DAQ units over TCP/IP and decode the standard output (16 bit LE) to the appropriate differential or absolute full scale as configured under the setup tab. The user can adjust the full scale to accommodate any pressure units of their choice. Commands can be sent to the DAQ unit to configure acquisition speed, start and stop the data stream and re-zero. Additional commands are also provided to configure that data stream. The Data Buffer tab allows data capture (to csv file) to be configured to run continuously or for a fixed number of samples. It can also be configured to acquire when certain pressure conditions are met. Hardware trigger options are also supported by microDAQX When used with the Control Centre software, 16 instances of microDAQX can be controlled simultaneously giving a complete acquisition system. The Control Centre allows the user to start, stop, re-zero the data etc for all connected DAQ units simultaneously. The Control Centre also provides the facility to combine the data files from all DAQ units into one file. Units incorporating control vales (flightDAQ and microQD-VP) can also be controlled by microDAQX either as stand alone units or as part of a system using the Control Centre.