nanoCAT LT Series
nanoCAT-LTS-32 Miniature EtherCAT Pressure Scanner

– 32 channel intelligent EtherCAT pressure scanner module with engineering unit output.
– User selectable absolute or differential measurement
– Up to 0.04% FS accuracy output.
– Complete with IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping
– Thermally compensated from -40 to 90oC
– Output over EtherCAT and CAN.
– Rugged enclosure for on- vehicle applications. Sealed to IP67
– Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server


The nanoCAT-LTS-32 is a new development by Chell Instruments utilizing the latest technology in digital transducers.
The nanoCAT-LTS-32, like its sister product; the nanoCAT-LTR-64, is a fully configurable smart pressure scanner that will output pressure data in engineering units over EtherCAT and CAN.

The use of EtherCAT gives the user the following advantages:

[1] Increased bandwidth. EtherCAT is many times more efficient than Ethernet making the acquisition of high speed data from multiple units much more straight forward.

[2] Non-vendor specific protocol. As the nanoCAT- LT adheres to the EtherCAT standard, no special code needs to be written in order to interface with it.

[3] Integrated time stamping. The EtherCAT pro- tocol includes a distributed clock that time stamps the data to within ±20μS

[4] Network topology independent. EtherCAT is insensitive to network topology and the units are designed to be daisy-chained in loop or star configuration.

The nanoCAT-LTS-32 makes use of 33 absolute transducers which are thermally compensated and conditioned to provide 32 either absolute or differential measurements relative to the reference port.

The nanoCAT-LTS-32 is contained within a miniature package which is sealed to IP67 enabling it to be used in harsh environments. It features 33 x 1mm (0.040”) bulged tubulations for the pneumatic interface.

To reduce the package size, the nanoCAT-LTS-32 features a single connector for both the EtherCAT in and EtherCAT out.

Configuration of the nanoCAT-LTS-32 is carried out by using the embedded web server. When the unit is powered up with a link in place on the connector, it will boot up in Ethernet mode to facilitate configuration. When this link is removed, the nanoCAT-LTS-32 will boot up in EtherCAT mode ready to communicate with an EtherCAT master.

The transducers within the nanoCAT-LTS-32 have a very high proof pressure (50psig, 64.5 psia) which substantially reduces the chances of in-field transducer damage.