nanoCAT LT Series
nanoCAT-LTM-32 Manifold Mount Miniature EtherCAT Pressure Scanner

– 32 channel intelligent EtherCAT pressure scanner module with engineering unit output.
– User selectable absolute or differential measurement
– Up to 0.04% FS accuracy output.
– With ‘O’ ring manifold for tubing plate or customer manifold.
– Thermally compensated from -40 to 90oC
– Output over EtherCAT and CAN.
– Rugged enclosure for on- vehicle applications. Sealed to IP67
– Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server


The nanoCAT-LTM-32 is a another new development by Chell Instruments utilizing the latest technology in digital transducers.

The nanoCAT-LTM-32, like its sister products; the nanoCAT-LTR-64 and nanoCAT-LTS-32, is a fully configurable smart pressure scanner that will output pressure data in engineering units over EtherCAT and CAN.

In place of tubulations, the nanoCAT-LTM-32 features the same manifold mount features as the nanoCAT-LTR-64. This can be used with a removable top plate supplied by Chell or a customer manifold produced to drawings and models available from Chell.

The use of EtherCAT gives the user the following advantages:

[1] Increased bandwidth. EtherCAT is many times more efficient than Ethernet making the acquisition of high speed data from multiple units much more straight forward.

[2] Non-vendor specific protocol. As the nanoCAT-LT adheres to the EtherCAT standard, no special code needs to be written in order to interface with it.

[3] Integrated time stamping. The EtherCAT pro- tocol includes a distributed clock that time stamps the data to within ±20μS

[4] Network topology independent. EtherCAT is insensitive to network topology and the units are designed to be daisy-chained in loop or star configuration.

The nanoCAT-LTM-32 makes use of 33 absolute transducers which are thermally compensated and conditioned to provide 32 either absolute or differential measurements relative to the reference port.

To reduce the package size, the nanoCAT-LTM-32 features a single connector for both the EtherCAT in and EtherCAT out.

Configuration of the nanoCAT-LTM-32 is carried out by using the embedded web server. When the unit is powered up with a link in place on the connector, it will boot up in Ethernet mode to facilitate configuration. When this link is removed, the nanoCAT-LTM-32 will boot up in EtherCAT mode ready to communicate with an EtherCAT master.