microCAT3 – 64 Channel EtherCAT Pressure Scanner

•   EtherCAT based scanning solution.

•   Unparalleled Data Quality: up to 0.02% of full scale

•   High speed : 400Hz per channel

•   Absolute and differential measurements

•   Optional electrically driven valve for purge and re-zero

•   Thermally compensated from -20 to 90oC

•   24 bit ADC per channel

•   Output over EtherCAT and CAN

•   Available with quick-disconnect top plate

•   Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server


The Chell microCAT3 is an EtherCAT version of the class leading Ethernet based microDAQ3 product range. It uses the same high accuracy digital sensors combined with an advanced processor design which results in the most accurate pressure scanner on the market.

EtherCAT is a specific interfaced which is based on Etnernet but with the following advantages:

  • Increased bandwidth. EtherCAT is many times more efficient than Ethernet making the acquisition of high speed data from multiple units more straight forward.
  • Non-vendor specific protocol. As the microCAT adheres to the EtherCAT standard, no special code needs to be written in order to interface with it.
  • Integrated time stamping. The EtherCAT protocol includes a distributed clock that time stamps the data.
  • Network topology independent. EtherCAT is insensitive to network topology and the units are designed to be daisy-chained in loop or star configuration.

The microCAT3 offers the option of an electrically driven valve that gives the scanner a purge and re-zero facility. The valve has been years in development and features precise positional measurement and current monitoring to ensure reliability.

The microCAT3 is also the smallest digital pressure scanner on the market – even when fitted with the electrically driven valve. The non-valved option gives the user a further reduction in size when purge is not required.

The microCAT3 makes use of high accuracy transducers which are combined with two 24-bit ADC’s per port – one for pressure and one for temperature. This precise temperature measurement allows the MicroCAT3 to almost entirely compensate for thermal effects over its wide operating range.