microDAQ3 -16 Channel Advanced Pressure Scanner

– New and advanced use of digital sensor technology
– Unparalleled Data Quality: up to 0.02% of full scale
– High speed : 400Hz per channel
– Absolute and differential measurements
– Compact size
– Complete with IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping
– Thermally compensated from -20 to 90oC
– 24 bit ADC per channel
– Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP) and CAN
– Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server


The Chell microDAQ3-16 is a leap forward in pressure scanning technology. The use of high accuracy digital sensors combined with an advanced processor design results in the most accurate – and most versatile pressure scanner on the market.

The microDAQ3-16 will output differential or absolute compensated engineering unit pressure data over Ethernet, CAN, IENA, and EtherCAT (see MicroCAT3) at speeds up to 400Hz per channel.

The microDAQ3-16 offers the same performance as the 64 channel version but in a compact and sealed package suitable for demanding applications.

The microDAQ3-16 makes use of high accuracy transducers which are combined with two 24-bit ADC’s per port – one for pressure and one for temperature. This precise temperature measurement allows the microDAQ3 to almost entirely compensate for thermal effects over its wide operating range.

The microDAQ3-16 makes use of all the technology that Chell has developed with its microDAQ and nanoDAQ range such as embedded web server, IEEE 1588 PTP time stamping, power-over-ethernet, CAN, hardware trigger and EtherCAT (see microCAT3).