– iDDS Translator for the TE 9016 / 9116 and 9216 pressure scanner products
– Complete with PoE adapter to provide power to the 9216 (conforms to IEEE 802.3at)
– Auto sensing DC / PoE
– Integrated mount for 9216
– Provides IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping to older 9016 / 9116 units
– Rugged enclosure for on-vehicle applications. Sealed to IP67
– Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server
– Complete with flying lead and connector to connect with the pressure scanner


The TP-9000 is an iDDS and Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) interface for the 9216, 9116 and 9016 pressure scanners. It effectively brings these pressure scanners up to the latest interface standards.

The TP-9000 and NetScanner brick can be powered either by PoE or 24 VDC. The TP-9000 will automatically configure itself for the power supply that is available.

The TP-9000 will acquire data from the NetScanner at speeds of up to 100Hz per channel using its hardware trigger to synchronise the data. This data is then time stamped (to IEEE 1588 PTPv2) and made available on the iDDS network.

In addition, control of the pressure brick such as re-zero, purge etc can be accomplished over the iDDS network.

The TP-9000 will support configuration via XML file from a suitable configuration server.

The embedded web server within the TP-9000 gives the user an intuitive means of low-level configuration of the TP-9000.