PoE 9000

– Enables the TE NetScanner range to be used with the convenience of PoE
– Compatible with all NetScanner range – 9116, 9216, 9022, 9046, 9146, 9146-R, 9032. 9033, 9034, 9038 and Initium products
– Features M12 connector so off-the-shelf cabling can be used
– Conforms to IEEE 802.3at
– Compatible with IEEE 1588 PTPv2 enabled devices
– Available with optional support brackets for 9216


The Chell Power Over Ethernet (PoE) adapter can be fitted onto any of the TE NetScanner range and brings the convenience of PoE to these products.
The PoE 9000 simply connects to the NetScanner device using the circular multi-way connector. The PoE enabled Ethernet connection is then made via the M12 connector on the top of the product.
On connection, the PoE9000 will negotiate with the network switch and power will be supplied to the NetScanner product. From an Ethernet point of view, the PoE9000 is transparent and communications with the NetScanner product will be unaffected.