nanoDAQ Series
nanoDAQ-SL Slim Line nanoDAQ for use with 16MS Pressure Scanners

– 32 channel sub-miniature pressure scanner module with engineering unit output.
– Measures output from 2 x 16MS direct mount MicroScanners
– Enables scanners to be mounted in remote locations on measurement surface.
– Up to 4Khz per channel measurement frequency.
– Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP) and CAN.
– Embedded web server for configuration and calibration.
– Wide thermal operating range (-20 to 90°C)


The nanoDAQ-SL is another development from Chell Instruments that enables the use of pressure scanners in remote and thin-section locations. The nanoDAQ-SL is a development of the nanoDAQ product but, instead of the scanners being located directly on the unit, they are remotely connected via cables.

The nanoDAQ-SL can be connected to one or two TE MicroScanners which provide un- rivalled pressure scanning performance and a reduced package size.

The nanoDAQ acquires data from the two scanners in parallel enabling measurements at speeds up to 4Khz per channel. This can be output directly or internally averaged.

Fully calibrated and temperature compen- sated data is output via Ethernet or CAN in engineering units direct to a PC or on-vehicle acquisition unit.

The acquisition parameters can be configured on the nanoDAQ by using its embedded web server which gives intuitive and complete control over the nanoDAQ.