microDAQ Series
micro-QD-VP Digital Miniature Pneumatic Driver

– Digital valve driver for the microDAQ range of products.
– Identical interface to microDAQ.
– Provides actuation of scanner C1 and C2 valves for re-zero and calibration.
– Multiple interfaces : Ethernet (100Mbit TCP / UDP) and CAN.
– Embedded web server for configuration and calibration.


The micro-QD-VP valve module is a compact accessory for the microDAQ range of acquisition devices. The module contains two solenoid valves designed to control the shuttle of Pressure System ™ ESP pressure scanners. There is also an electrical drive to allow a solenoid valve to control purge gas.

The valves are controlled via one of three possible communications channels – Ethernet (TCP or UDP) or CAN, using user commands to perform either a zero, purge or shuttle function. These user commands are detailed in the microDAQ User Programming Guide (doc. 900167) and are included in the microDAQX frontend software for convenience.