microDAQ-INT-4 Interface, hub and power supply.
  • Hub and power supply for connection up to 4 microDAQ / nanoDAQ products
  • 100Mbit unmanaged Ethernet switch
  • Compatible with IEEE 1588 PTPv2
  • Power-over-Ethernet power supply
  • Built in CAN hub
  • Suitable for in-model and on-vehicle use
  • RJ45 and DC jack connectors for bench top use
  • Complete with buffered hardware trigger


The microDAQ-INT-4 is a 4-way power supply and hub designed for the Chell microDAQ and nanoDAQ product range. 

It can be used to connect 4 scanners to a host either with Ethernet or CAN as it features both an internal Ethernet and CAN hub. 

The interface and the scanners that are connected to it can be run from DC power or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The PoE facility means that the interface and scanners can be powered by simply connecting the microDAQ-INT-4 to a PoE enabled switch. 

The small package size of the microDAQ-INT-4 makes it suitable wind tunnel and on-vehicle use. In these applications, the Ethernet, CAN, trigger and DC power (if required) would be connected with the micro‘D’ type connector. 

To facilitate bench top use, the Ethernet can also be connected with the RJ45 connector. Power can be derived through PoE or by using the DC jack and (optional) plug-in DC power supply. 

 * The microDAQ-INT-4 is compatible with IEEE PTPv2 but it does not contain a boundary clock service. The resultant jitter of the PTP service is less than ±1μS