Flight Acquisition Systems
flightDAQ3 – Test Cell / Flight Pressure Acquisition System

 • New and advanced use of digital sensor technology.

• Optional iDDS interface

• Unparalleled Data Quality: up to 0.02% of full scale

• High speed : 400Hz per channel

• Absolute and differential measurements

• Electrically driven valve for purge and re-zero

• Power-over-Ethernet

• Complete with IEEE 1588 PTPv2 time stamping

• Internal Heaters for use down to -55°C

• 24 bit ADC per channel

• Output over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP/IP / UDP), Chell native protocol, Netscanner protocol, iDDS and IENA

• Quick disconnect measurement couplings

• Fully configurable over Ethernet with embedded web server


The Chell flightDAQ3 is another step forward in Chell’s long line of pressure scanners optimised for test cell and flight use. The flightDAQ3 makes use of high accuracy digital absolute transducers to give unparalleled performance – even in the most demanding environments. 

The flightDAQ3 will output differential or absolute temperature compensated engineering unit pressure data over Ethernet with the Chell native protocol, IENA, and iDDS at speeds up to 400Hz per channel. It also features a Netscannner emulation mode where a subset of the Netscanner commands are supported.

The flightDAQ3 incorporates an electrically driven shuttle valve for purge and re-zero – therefore removing the need for high pressure supply lines associated with previous versions. The shuttle valve features positional feedback, current sensing on the motor and a count of the number of shuttles to help with planning maintenance requirements. The valve life is tested to 10,000 cycles. 

For cold applications, it has an in-built heater to maintain valve operation at cold temperatures. The power of the heater can be selected to cope with different power supply scenarios. In addition, there is an internal purge control valve to switch the purge gas on and to vent it before the valve is returned to run. 

External measurement connectors are made with the Chell SQDC range which are durable, high temperature quick disconnects. These are compatible with both flexible and solid tubes. The calibration, reference and purge connections are via 5/16-24 SAE ‘O’ ring boss which can be fitted with Swagelok® or Chell AS series quick disconnects. 

The flightDAQ3 has a smart power supply which is compatible with a DC supply and PoE. The flightDAQ3 will always use a DC supply if it senses one – otherwise it will negotiate with a PoE enabled switch for power. 

With the addition of an iDDS run time license, the flightDAQ3 is fully compatible with iDDS installations.