Multi Hole Probe
Aeroprobe PS12 / PL12 Omniprobe

These probes are ideal for applications where the predominant direction of the flow is not known in advance, or where the user has limited space and cannot move a conventional probe to align it properly. The Omniprobes are also invaluable in applications where the probe may see a complete reversal of the flow during testing.


These probes were designed and patented for applications requiring a very high range of incidence angles. As their name suggests, they are capable of near-omni-directional flow measurement.

Unlike conventional probe designs with five or seven pressure ports on a conical tip, the Omniprobe is equipped with twelve ports on a spherical tip, allowing it a much greater incidence angle than our other probes. Though the probe shaft interferes with the readings, preventing it from being perfectly omni-directional, the Omniprobe is able to accurately measure flow in a 160° cone emanating from the tip. In short, the only time when the Omniprobe will not get accurate readings is if the flow is coming from the base of the probe and moving along the shaft.