Multi Hole Probe
Aeroprobe PLP / PSP Air Data Probes

Our air-data probes are currently being used as the primary air-data sensor for several different UAVs, and can also be found on wind turbine blades, or race cars around the world where they provide real-time yaw data.


Also called pitch-yaw probes, these probes were designed for high-accuracy, real-time applications, returning the angles of a vehicle, aircraft, automobile or other, or a piece of machinery with respect to the apparent wind.

Data reduction with an air-data probe requires no specialized software and is simple enough to be performed in real-time by an on-board computer or telemetry system. Unlike our conventional probes, the air-data probes are limited to incidence angles of about 20°, but feature a ring of static ports that eliminate the need for a separate Pitot-static tube. They are more accurate than conventional probes and provide a similar frequency response. They can be heated internally for use on a high-altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).