PPCH-G High Gas Pressure Controller/Calibrator

High performance pressure control to 100 MPa (15,000 psi)

– For gas pressures up to 15,000 psi (100 MPa)
– AutoRange feature
– One or two Q-RPTs in each controller with 10:1 turndown
– Supports external reference pressure transducers
– FLASH memory for simple and free embedded software upgrade


PPCH-G™, is a gas pressure controller/calibrator for gas pressure operation from 1 to 100 MPa (150 to 15,000 psi). As with the rest of the PPC family of pressure controllers, the emphasis is on high end performance, minimizing measurement uncertainty and maintaining precise control over a very wide pressure range… in a compact and rugged instrument.

Individually characterized, quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules increase precision and reduce measurement uncertainty. The AutoRange™ feature supports infinite ranging, automatically optimizing all aspects of operation for the exact desired range and taking pressure controller rangeability to a new level.

A unique pressure control system and gas booster accessory provide unlimited, on-demand pressure, very high control resolution and 10:1 pressure control turndown. Five different control modes are included for maximum versatility. Open architecture allows reference pressure measurement to be internal to or remote from the controller. If desired, the reference can be located at the test measurement point and independently removed for recalibration.

With all of this, PPCH-G opens new doors in automated high gas pressure calibration and test applications.

PPCH-G’s outstanding pressure measurement specifications are made possible by the exclusive quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules.

Q-RPTs measure pressure by measuring the change in the natural oscillating frequency of a quartz crystal with pressure induced stress. To be qualified for use in a Q-RPT module, each transducer is individually evaluated and characterized using automated primary pressure standards. Only transducers exhibiting required levels of linearity, repeatability and stability are selected. A proprietary compensation model, derived from more than 15 years experience with thousands of quartz pressure transducers, is applied to optimize the metrological characteristics needed in a transfer standard.

PPCH-G can be delivered with a low cost utility sensor for applications in which the high precision and stability of a Q-RPT are not required.

Infinite Ranging™ and AutoRange™

There’s a lot more to covering a wide range of test devices with a single gas pressure controller than “% of reading” measurement uncertainty.

In addition to the necessary measurement uncertainty, PPCH-G offers the full pressure control and feature adaptability that are needed for true rangeability in test and calibration applications. Infinite Ranging gives PPCH-G unprecedented versatility in adapting to a wide variety of devices to be tested. With the easy to use AutoRange function, a few simple key strokes or a single remote command string at the start of a test adapts every feature of the gas pressure controller to optimize it for a specific range.

Open architecture

A PPCH-G controller can be configured with up to four Q-RPTmodules. These can be internal or external to the PPCH-G controller. External Q-RPTs are in RPM4™ Reference Pressure Monitors. The RPM4’s Q-RPTs then become part of the PPCH-G system and are managed by PPCH-G. External Q-RPTs must be disconnected or protected by valves when PPCH-G is used at pressure greater than the external Q-RPT range.

Examples of possible PPCH-G system configurations include:

– A PPCH-G with one or two built-in Q-RPTs to act as a stand alone, “one box” controller/calibrator package.
– A PPCH-G with no internal Q-RPTs and an external Q-RPT to configure a system whose reference pressure measurement is remote from the controller. This configuration is ideal when it is advantageous for the reference to be removed from the system (e.g. for recalibration) while leaving the controller installed or to locate the reference measurement in closer proximity to the device or system under test.
– A PPCH-G with a built-in Q-RPT to automate pressure controll to a PG7202 piston gauge.
– A PPCH-G with no built-in Q-RPTs to act as a lower cost automated pressure setting and controlling device.


Q-RPTs available for PPCH-G
Q-RPT DesignationSI Version

Maximum Range

Absolute Gauge


US Version

Maximum Range



A100M10015 000
A70M7010 000
A40M406 000
A20M203 000
A10M101 500
A7M71 000