Analogue Scanners
I-DAQ Voltage Scanner

– Acquires DC voltage (+/-5 or 0-10V).
– Available with ‘D’ Type or Lemo connectors.
– Compatible with any pressure scanning acquisition system.
– Complete with calibration interface so all channels can be calibrated through one port.
– Better than 0.06% FS System accuracy.
– Up to 1250Hz per channel acquisition speed.
– Can be used with CANdaq5, CANdaq or QUADdaq as part of a miniature acquisition system.
– The Chell I-Daq is a compact, high accuracy analogue scanner that multiplexes 32 inputs into a single output. The electrical interface is exactly the same as the TE pressure scanners.


The Chell I-daq is an analogue scanner capable of scanning voltage or current.

Alternatively, the I-Daq can the be substituted for a pressure scanner in any existing system to provide additional analogue measurements.