Jamie Shanahan Celebrates 13 Years at Chell Instruments
Jamie Shanahan Celebrates 13 Years at Chell Instruments
July 9, 2021

This month, Sales Director Jamie Shanahan celebrates 13 years as a key member of the team at leaders in pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement and control solutions, Chell Instruments.

With over a decade under his belt, Jamie has taken time to reflect on his career and experiences so far. However, the 13-years he has worked for Chell since 2008 is not his only experience with the firm:

“I did a day-release HNC apprenticeship at Chell when I was 18. I loved the experience so, after working offshore and at Bacton Gas Terminal, I jumped at the first chance to return to Chell.”

Jamie began his career proper at Chell in the laboratory; delivering and expanding calibration services. Over the next 13 years, he advanced through a number of roles to become a director.

“From humble beginnings as an apprentice, I’ve been given the opportunity to develop as a technician, engineer, manager and now company director.”
“I’ve learnt and experienced so much, but also gained an HNC and then spent more evenings and weekends than I care to remember achieving my MBA.”

Chell Instrument’s range of products and services has grown exponentially since it was established in the 1970’s and supplies sectors including pharmaceuticals and motorsport.

However, it is a recent project for the aerospace industry which sticks in Jamie’s mind of one of the most exciting in his 13-years’ experience:

“We recently turned a shipping container in a unique and world-class mobile emissions testing laboratory for one of the world’s largest jet engine manufacturers. It’s such a great example of the teamwork and ingenuity I’ve enjoyed throughout my time at Chell.”
“Obtaining our ISO 17025 accreditation for our on-site calibration may be slightly less glamourous than working with jet engines, but it was no less of an exciting project and satisfying team achievement!”

As Sales Director, Jamie’s current role is to manage and grow relationships with clients, whilst looking for new ways to enhance products and services.

Jamie has played a pivotal role in product development, including Chell’s industry-leading range of the smallest, fastest and most accurate pressure measurement devices available.

Chell Instruments was recently bought by the SDI Group of scientific and technology product manufacturers; something which Jamie believes has opened up new opportunities.

“SDI Group have been very supportive of what we are doing. I’m looking forward to what our future holds under their umbrella, including increasing our presence globally and the travelling I may need to do to support it.”

Prior to the pandemic, Jamie’s role involved travel across Europe, North America and Asia to deliver hands-on support to Chell’s clients. It’s something which he enjoys, despite the time away from his family and hobbies:

“I live in a quiet village by the seaside and have two kids, 17 and 10. I’m always keen to travel to support our clients and understand their world. However, it’s always lovely to get home too.”
“I’m exercise mad and enjoying running, cycling, resistance training and, more recently, paddle boarding. I also love motorbikes and would keep my beloved bike in the living room, if I was allowed!”

Celebrating his 13 years’ with Chell has given Jamie the opportunity to look forward to what the next decade or so may hold:

“From an engineering point of view, I’m most intrigued by aerospace development, particularly sustainable and electrified propulsion. Its an area of research and development we can really support and it helps drive our innovation forward too!”

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