Introducing our Upgraded Volumetric Flow Standard
Introducing our Upgraded Volumetric Flow Standard
May 7, 2019

At Chell Instruments we’re excited to announce we’ve upgraded our Volumetric Flow Standard. Commonly called a VFS, it is designed to act as a high accuracy mass and volumetric flow transfer standard, to enable easy and convenient verification of both mass flow and true volumetric flow at the point of interest.

We’ve put a lot of care into the design of our new VFS to ensure it enables a meaningful and reliable verification of both mass and volumetric flow rates. Volumetric Flow Rate is a measurement of the 3-dimensional space that a gas occupies as it flows through the instrument, and is affected by pressure and temperature at the point of interest. Mass Flow Rate is a measurement of the number of molecules that flow through. Mass of a gas is unaffected by pressure and temperature.

The VFS creates readings for both in a compact, highly accurate instrument.

Our newly improved VFS allows easy verification or calibration of flow measurement instrumentation. Along with a high resolution LCD display and cap-touch interface, other changes include:

  • The facility to use external pressure and temperature instrumentation for remote volumetric flow measurement as well as local using the on-board instrumentation.
  • Full featured webserver interface for read, command and diagnostics.
  • Flow control configurations as well as measurement-only.
  • Redesigned case.

We’re very proud of the products we produce at Chell. Our instruments are designed by engineers for engineers and are used in areas including Formula One, aerospace, energy generation and pharmaceuticals. We’re constantly upgrading and innovating to make sure we deliver industry leading products and solutions.

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