iDDS Interface Makes FlightDaq3 Even More Connective
iDDS Interface Makes FlightDaq3 Even More Connective
March 11, 2021

We’re delighted to unveil the FlightDaq3 with its new iDDS interface. The Chell FlightDaq3 is a further development of the current FlightDaq model; the FlightDaq2, but with even greater capabilities.

Data Distribution Service (DDS) is an application protocol for true “plug and play” integration of data acquisition and control instruments. It is used predominantly within aerospace engineering and works as a data distribution service that utilises the publisher / subscriber model. This, combined with the advanced functions within the FlightDaq3, gives the user complete control of all the critical functions associated with high accuracy pressure measurement.

The FlightDaq3 is designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and as such is tested to the D0160G vibration and shock standards. Its iDDS not only makes it more connective but also allows for lower costs and shorter integration times because users share a common framework and code that is written in a common interface definition language.

Initially launched in 2019, the FlightDaq3 was developed in direct response to requests from existing customers and the increasing requirements for ground and ‘in-flight’ testing of aircraft engines. It gives 32 or 64 channels of high accuracy pressure measurement in a heated enclosure.

Along with featuring the new iDDS it also has our standard and IENA outputs over Ethernet. Internal valving enables the user to purge the measurement lines or remove offsets simply by issuing the appropriate iDDS commands. An internal barometric sensor also gives the user the choice of absolute or differential pressure measurement.

Here at Chell Instruments, we’ve been trusted by many of the biggest names in aircraft engine and air frame manufacturing for over 40 years. Our instruments are also now being applied to the air frame development to support the electrification of aircraft propulsion.

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