SQDC – Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects

– Quick and reliable method a making a number of pneumatic connections.
– 8,16, 24 and 32 port stainless steel quick disconnects.
– Available with 1/16” and 0.040 inch (1mm) compression fittings and bulged tubulations.
– Available with Silicon and Perlast® ‘O’ rings.
– Fitted with locking device for vibration resistance (tested to D0160F)
– Male and female blanks and pipe-work guides available.
– Temperature range of -55 to 325°C


Chell has developed a range of high-temperature quick disconnects suitable for use in a range of harsh environments along side a major gas turbine manufacturer. The SQDC’s allow for quick and simple connection if multiple pneumatic lines primarily designed for pressure instrumentation.

The SQDC has been designed, and extensively tested, to perform in high temperature / high vibration environments. They are constructed from stainless steel and feature 1/16” and 1mm compression fittings (with double ferrules) for direct and reliable connection to stainless steel tubing. The SQDC range can also be ordered with bulged tubulations for flexible tube (either 1.0 or 1.5mm i/d) and can also act as an adapter between each type.

The SQDC is available with two different seal types, Perlast® or Silicon which have different temperature performances (see specification table). The SQDC is also fitted with an anti-vibration cam which makes it suitable for extreme vibration environments. Wire locking versions of the SQDC are also available.

The SQDC range is extensive. It can be ordered for 8,16,24 or 32 ways with blanks of either gender available. There are two seal configurations and a range of accessories to complete the range.

The SQDC range compliments Chell’s other pneumatic connector series such as the Cablerange AS and Circlex connectors and the PSI high density quick disconnects.