Circlex Rugged Quick Disconnect

– Cablerange range of rugged pneumatic quick-disconnects.
– Quick, reliable connection of 30 pneumatic lines.
– Available with fittings for 1/8, 1/16, 2mm and 4mm flexible or stainless steel pipe.
– Blanks and parking plates available.
– Locking feature to ensure reliable connection – even in high vibration environments.
– Now features the AS613 range of rugged free ends suitable for umbilicals.


The Chell Circlex range of quick disconnects are a well established range of pneumatic connectors which were manufactured by Cablerange Ltd. This product range was taken over by Chell in June 2010.

The Circlex range gives the user the ability to connect up to 30 pneumatic lines simultaneously in a rugged package.

The Circlex connector range are well known in the test cell environment where they form an ideal way of making multiple connections in test pressure lines.

The Circlex range incorporates a bulkhead plate (AS378) into which the tubing is fixed and a free (removable) plate (AS375/B) with which it mates and locks into position.

Also available is a parking plate which can be substituted for the fixed plate (AS376), and a blank which can be substituted for the free (removable) end (AS607).

For producing a robust umbilical, the AS613 can be used in place of the AS375. This features a remote release (with lock to prevent accidental release) and a gland plate for a variety of gland sizes. Chell can also produce pre-made umbilicals with PTFE, Nylon or stainless tubing sheethed in reinforced hose or fibreglass.