AS Single-Way Quick Disconnects

– AS range of single way pneumatic self-sealing quick-disconnects.
– Reliable connection of single pneumatic lines. Suitable for instrumentation lines.
– Available with fittings for 1/8, 1/16 and 2mm flexible or stainless steel pipe.
– Female half can self-seal when decoupled.
– Blanks and bulkhead fittings available.


The Chell AS range of quick disconnects are a well established range of pneumatic connectors which were manufactured by Cablerange Ltd. This product range was taken over by Chell in June 2010.

The AS range gives the user the ability to connect single pneumatic lines in a variery of styles.
They are well known in the test cell environment where they form an ideal way of quickly making connections in test pressure lines.

The AS range can interface with 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch or 2mm tubing both flexible and stainless steel.

The female (fixed) components can be specified to be self-sealing. These would then incorporate an internal valve which seals the system when the male (removable) component is removed.

The range consists of bulkhead connectors, interfaces for pressure bricks and various tube fitting options. In addition to this, various blanks are also available for both genders.