Chell has developed a range of aluminium high- temperature quick disconnects to complement our successful range of stainless steel and aluminium quick disconnects (SQDC/AQDC).

Suitable for use in a range of harsh environments, the AQDC-HD’s allow for quick and simple connec- tion if multiple pneumatic lines primarily designed for pressure instrumentation.

They feature 0.040” and 0.063” (1.0 or 1.6mm) bulged tubulations for flexible tube and can also act as an adapter between the two sizes.

The AQDC-HD is supplied with silicone seals which gives the coupling a wide temperature range of -55 to 100C.

The AQDC-HD is available with an anti- vibration locking main nut or wire-lock main nut that makes it suitable for extreme vibration environments.

The AQDC-HD range is extensive. It can be ordered for 19, 37, 55 or 73 ways with blanks of either gender available. Pipe-work guides are also available as back shells to secure the pipe-work as it leaves the AQDC-HD.

The AQDC-HD range compliments Chell’s other pneumatic connector series such as the SQDC, Cablerange AS and Circlex connectors.