Process Calibrators
PIT100 – Pipe Work Integrity / Leak Tester

– Automated system for testing pressure looms and harnesses
– Quickly and consistently quantify the leak integrity of tubing looms.
– Conducts continuity, leak and flow tests.
– Flow tests can be conducted without blanking the loom or harness.
– System can ‘learn’ a good harness and test others relative to it.
– Pressure test conducted with high integrity valves.
– Complete with Ethernet interface for optional remote operation.


The PIT100 is a self-contained automated leak and flow test system that can be operated via its in-built HMI interface or remotely over the Ethernet link.

It performs a number of tests that can be used to determine the integrity of pressure pipe-work, looms or harnesses – even when it is not possible to blank the other end of the harness.

The PIT100 is designed to test either a single port or 16 ports simultaneously via the integrated 16 way SQDC bulkhead (we can supply adapters to make the PIT100 compatible with 8 and 32 way SQDC harnesses).

Leak Tests

The PIT100 will perform a leak test on all selected ports assuming that the other end of the pipe-work or loom is blanked. It does this by applying a pressure (set by an internal regulator) to all the ports, isolating the pipe-work or harness from the supply and then measuring any pressure decay with the internal pressure transducers.

The resulting leak rate can then be read for all channels in PSI/minute, % full scale or mbl/s (millibarLitres/second) if the volume of the pipe-work had been previously entered into the PIT100.

Continuity Test

To test the pressure continuity of a multi-way loom, each channel can be pressurised in turn and the operator can then confirm that gas is being passed through the appropriate port. This can be an automated or manual process.

Flow Tests

These tests are used when the other end of the pipe-work or loom cannot be blanked. Given a known (and settable) pressure being applied to one end of the pipe-work or harness, the resultant flow (and hence pressure drop) down the pipe-work will be a function of the conductance and therefore the presence of any leaks in the pipe-work. The flow test operates by learning the pressure drop encountered with a known good loom and then making a comparison to any subsequent looms.

The PIT100 can be used via the front panel by using the colour LCD display or over Ethernet using its embedded web server. Additional, all tests and configurations can be command driver over Ethernet enabling the PIT100 to be incorporated into customer’s software.