Mass Flow Meter
CMF Low Cost OEM Digital Flowmeter

– Rugged gas flowmeter with no moving parts
– Linear output signal with flow
– Eliminates gross errors of volumetric flow measurement
– +/-3% FS including linearity, repeatability, hysteresis & thermal coefficient
– On-board digital calibration and linearisation
– Wide range of gas compatibility – only stainless steel and Viton in the gas path
– More robust than hot wire or MEMS sensors


The CMF has been developed using the 40 year?s mass flow measurement and control experience within Chell to produce a practical, low cost, rugged flowmeter suitable for demanding industrial applications.

As a Rotameter replacement, they provide 5 times better performance with an electrical output linear with flow, which may be used for logging and control purposes.

The unobstructed internal flow passages are easily cleaned with suitable solvents should the flowmeter become contaminated in use.

With a temperature range from 15 to 50?C, the CMF performs well in elevated gas temperatures and ambient environments.