Mass Flow Measurement and Control
Hastings HFM-301 / HFC-303 Medium Capacity Flowmeters and Controllers

– ±1.0% of Full-Scale Accuracy
– Rapid Settling Times HFM-301 ? 0.4 sec
– HFC-303 ? 2.0 sec
–  Range — 25 to 1000 slm (Air Equivalent)
– Operating Pressures to 500 PSI or Higher


The THI Mass Flow 300 Series meters and controllers are designed to accurately measure mass flow without corrections or compensations for gas pressure and temperature. They are accurate to better than ?1.0% of full scale. THI mass flow instruments do not require any periodic maintenance under normal operating conditions with clean gases. No damage will occur from the use of moderate overpressures (~500 psi) or overflows. Instruments are normally calibrated with the appropriate standard calibration gas (air & N2), then a gas conversion factor (GCF) is used to adjust the output for the intended gas. Special calibrations for other gases, such as oxygen, helium and argon, are available upon special order.