Mass Flow Measurement and Control
Hastings HFM-200 / HFC-202 Low Capacity Flowmeters and Controllers

– ±1% of Full-Scale Accuracy
– Proven Reliability
– Range – 10 to 25,000 sccm (N2 Equivalent)


The HFM/HFC Series of flow instruments is based on a modular design. At the heart of each instrument is an insulated thermal transfer sensor which provides enhanced zero stability. This sensor is designed to be removable/replaceable in the field to virtually eliminate long down time due to clogging. Additionally, the HFM/HFC design features an integral filter and an easily replaceable closed loop electronics card.* The HFC also features an externally adjustable valve with easily replaceable flow orifices.
All of these standard features, when coupled with the instrument?s inherent linear response to flow changes and THIs? long-proven reputation for quality, result in the finest flowmeters and flow controllers available today.