Gas Meter Calibration and Production Tools
GMCS-Chell Gas Meter Calibration System

– High accuracy
– High throughput
– Automated operation and data acquisition
– Excellent long-term calibration stability
– Industry regulator approved
– Can be customised for meter type and quantity
– Adaptable designs for simple site integration
– Backed up by full technical support, including staff training and Uncertainty Budget generation
– Built in leak test functionality of both GMCS internals and meters under test.
– No guarding required
– Can be supplied with software tailored to your requirements, or with all information required to integrate into existing site control systems
– Suite of support instrumentation also offered enabling in-house calibration and minimising downtime.


Calibration System

Chell’s Gas Meter Calibration Systems are the culmination of over 40 years of experience in gas flow calibration and the design of custom systems.

The GMCS is designed to maximise production calibration throughput of gas meters while achieving calibration laboratory grade uncertainties of measurement.

GMCS variants with changeable meter ?nests? are also offered to support calibration of multiple meter types using a single system.

These systems are built around the specific requirements of your process and gas meter type – Meter position ?nests? are designed specifically to suit your gas meter, to support simple, fast and reliable loading and unloading, as well as leak free operation.

The GMCS meter capacity is configurable on ordering, and in many cases a single GMCS system?s throughput can replace or exceed all of a site?s current gas meter flow calibration capacity, in a fraction of the floor space.