Gas Meter Calibration and Production Tools
Chell VTS – Volumetric Flow Standard

– Allows easy verification of gas meter calibration systems
– High accuracy and excellent repeatability
– Compatible with most gas meter body variants
– Multiple flow ranges from 10 to 12000 l/hr
– Built in pressure and temperature instrumentation
– Linearising capability
– High resolution LCD display and cap-touch interface
– Ethernet communications with optional Bluetooth
– Supplied with calibration/logging software


The Chell VTS units are designed specifically to act as high accuracy mass and volumetric flow transfer standards, enabling easy and convenient verification of production gas meter calibration systems against your site flow reference.

High accuracy instrumentation and a custom low pressure drop manifold are built into a standard gas meter body, allowing installation onto your gas meter calibration system in place of a standard production meter.
Great care has been taken in the design of both the hardware and software to ensure the VTS enables a meaningful and reliable verification of both mass and volumetric flow rate.

The VTS is calibrated and linearised against your site flow reference.
The VTS is then installed onto the gas meter calibration system, such as one of the Chell GMCS range, and the standard meter calibration sequence performed.
The data obtained is then verified as being within the combined uncertainty of both the production calibration system and site reference.
Check can be performed as often as required as part of regular calibration checks, spot verification or troubleshooting.
Chell design and manufacture a full suite of gas meter calibration systems, site flow standards and verification instrumentation, as well as technical support services. Please contact our applications engineers to discuss your requirements.