Flow Calibration Software
Compass For Molbox

Calibration assistance software for molbloc/molboxTM users
– Usable on any IBM-PC or compatible computer with an available COM port and running Windows 95 or higher.
– Supports both molbox1 and molbox RFM.
– A true Windows? application following Windows protocol for file management, menu and message formatting, graphics and editing. Other applications can be run without interrupting test execution.
– Complete online Help facility with Tool Tips.
– Customizable user interface with scalable windows.


– Calibrate and test a wide variety of devices including: MFCs, MFMs, rotometers, turbine meters, bubble meters and others.
– Fully automated testing of both analog and digital MFCs.
– Automated flow control support for testing flow measure only devices.
– Flow corrections with automated ambient pressure and temperature entry for density dependent DUTs.
– Log extra data from the DUT during the test with user defined commands.
– Open hardware configuration allows simple integration of third party acquisition, control, and pressure and temperature measurement hardware.
– Sets up and maintains DUT database with unique DUT characteristics, test scripts and histories.
– Process gas editing tool includes complete gas conversion factors for most major MFC manufacturers and automatically calculates conversion factors for missing relationships and blends.
– Produces standard, delimited test data files which easily import into other software programs if desired.
– Test data files stored in user definable directory structure.
– 100 % customizable test report generation tool with preformatted templates.
– Extensive on-board plotting function to create a variety of test date plots.