Emissions Measurement Systems
CSM2000 Smoke Meter

– conforms to SAE ARP1179.
– Supplied configured for ICAO
– Annex 16 Mass Correlation testing (MVPM).
– Two ARP1179 filter holders included.
– Quartz and standard SAE filter sizes catered for.
– Configured for both mass and volume flow measurement.
– Digital control allows tests to be pre-configured.
– Leak test function.
– System cleanliness test.
– Ruggedised sample holders for reliable operation.
– Multi point temperature measurement and excellent temperature gradient.
– System purge with bypass.
– Incorporated stainless steel diaphragm pump.
– Ethernet/RS422 interface enables remote control.
– Fast and simple to use.


CSM2000 is a rugged, portable or rack mountable gas turbine
engine exhaust smoke measurement system, fully
compliant with SAE ARP1179.