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CCD104 Four Channel Display / Controller

– Fully integrated 4 channel, full colour display and power supply for a wide choice of gas mass flowmeters, gas flow controllers, capacitance manometers and all-media pressure transducers.
– USB, Ethernet and analogue interfaces as standard.
– Setpoint input for ‘slaved’ configurations.
– +/- 15 volt and 24 volt transducer supply.
– 16 bit resolution.
– Linearisation capability on all four channels.
– 0-5 / 0-10 volt set point output controlled from front panel or digital comms.
– Voltage or current sensor support.
– Capacitance touch front panel for quick and reliable data input.
– Programmable alarm output (mechanical volt free changeover contact).
– EtherCAT, PID control, 4 x PRT and relay expansion boards available as options.


The CCD104 is a multi featured process display controller, designed to be flexible, able to adapt for use in many processes. It is mainly based upon Chell’s single channel display controller, the CCD100 and shares most of its features, but for multiple channels.
The CCD104 has four main channels. These can be used to operate flow controllers or display the output from pressure transducers. The CCD104 also has the ability to power these devices with either +/-15Vdc or +24vdc.
Interfaces to the CCD104 include Ethernet, USB or it can be used with just analogue signals. It also features the option of EtherCAT with its non-vendor specific interfacing.
The CCD104 features a graphical LCD display which allows us to display the relevant units on the display as well as generating an easy to use menu structure for configuration. Any engineering units can be accommodated with a free text input.

The CCD104 contains all the features that could be required on a transducer display including digital comms, alarm outputs, configurable units, multiple transducer supplies etc etc. The unit can also be customised for a particular application by the supply of custom firmware or expansion options.

Much attention has been paid to the menu structure within the CCD104 and in particular the ease of which the setpoint output can be changed. All menus feature backwards and forwards options and numeric input can be both up and down.

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