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CCD100 Display

– Fully integrated OLED 5 digit display and power supply for a wide choice of gas mass flowmeters, gas flow controllers, capacitance manometers and all-media pressure transducers.
– USB, Ethernet and analogue interfaces as standard.
– Volt, mV and mA configurations.
– Remote setpoint capability
– +/- 15 volt and 24 volt transducer supply.
– 16 bit resolution.
– 0-10 volt set point output controlled from front panel or digital comms.
– Internal webserver for ease of setup and diagnostics. Time stamped data to IEEE 1588 PTPv2 available.
– Two programmable alarm outputs (mechanical volt free changeover contacts).
– HR (high resolution) version available with 6 digits of display resolution and optional input linearisation.


Single Channel Transducer and Controller Display

This ‘Mk3’ is an update to our popular CCD100 display. These versatile display/controllers can be used with a huge variety of instrumentation with volt, mV or mA outputs. Examples are mass flow meters/controllers, capacitance manometers and pressure transducers.

The CCD100 is an established product drawing on 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing displays built specifically to support all makes of capacitance manometers, mass flow meters and mass flow controllers.
It is a single-channel device, distributing power, applying a set point, displaying output and also serving as a digital interface. The set point can be adjusted either manually through front panel controls, or remotely through the rear panel analogue or digital interface.
It features a graphical OLED display that offers large characters, displays any engineering unit, and allows an operator interface that makes configuring the display simple. Much attention has been paid to the menu structure, and in particular the ease of which the set point output can be changed.

The CCD100 contains all the features that could be required of a transducer display, including digital communications, alarm outputs, configurable measurement units and multiple transducer supplies, all as standard. In addition, it has external set point input capability, which can be used by another transducer or input to allow it to be used for gas blending or other ratio control or ‘master / slave’ applications.
Offering both +24vdc and ±15vdc power supplies, it works with most makes and models of transducers with outputs up to 10.8vdc, when used with the correct interconnecting cable. .
The CCD100 is housed within a metal case and takes the form of a standard 1/8DIN panel mount package, but is also built to be fully suitable for free-standing bench-top use.