FlightDAQ2 Launched
FlightDAQ 2 Launched
September 3, 2018

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the FlightDaq2, a Flight Pressure Acquisition System with an intelligent heated pressure scanner module and engineering unit output.

The FlightDaq2 is the latest development of our popular FlightDaq. It expands upon its predecessor with new features including absolute/differential measurement, smart power supply and low power consumption heaters.

Smaller than the original, the FlightDaq2 enclosure features a heated internal case which is insulated from the outer skin. Combined with a micro-processor-controlled heater array, this gives the machine a highly stable operating temperature and allows for much lower overall power consumption.

The FlightDaq2 uses the TE DTC scanner which provides full thermal compensation from 0 to 80°C, combined with an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale (after re-zero). The scanners output is differential which, combined with the internal shuttle valve control, enables any zero offset to be removed. For ease of setup, the new FlightDaq2 is fully configurable using an embedded web-server.

Proven to run smoothly, a smart sensing power supply means the FligtDaq2 will automatically shut down if the supply rails move outside its operating band. When the power rail returns to normal, the unit will restart and resume operation. The FlightDaq2 is designed for on-engine as well as airframe applications and is tested to the D0160G vibration and shock standards.

The FlightDaq2 is the latest edition to the series of pressure-based flight acquisition systems designed by Chell to operate in the unique environment or flight test, for air-frame and engine test.

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