Client Solution Leads to Gas Meter Test Rig for Everyone
Client Solution Leads to Gas Meter Test Rig for Everyone
October 29, 2018

When a client approached Chell Instruments with a specific challenge, our engineering team got straight to work. Using our industry leading expertise and experience, the ideal solution was developed for their gas meter calibration requirements.

Now, a version of the Gas Meter Test Rig (GMTR) we created is available from Chell for everyone wishing to test and calibrate domestic gas meters, including manufacturers and calibration houses.

The GMTR is a multi-channel bench-top system that allows testing of the functionality, accuracy, stability and leak integrity of up to four domestic gas meters simultaneously. It is compatible with older ‘diaphragm’ type positive displacement meters, as well as the newer ‘smart’ ultrasonic meters.

As you’d expect, the device contains high accuracy flow, pressure and temperature instrumentation and can generate any flow set-point up to 12,000 litres per hour, maintaining a low outlet pressure to prevent damage to the gas meters under test. For valid accuracy comparisons, the combined mass flow, pressure and temperature measurements can be used to calculate the true volumetric flow rate at each point of concern.

The system consists of a custom enclosure and a triple range flow manifold with pneumatically operated isolation valves. Featuring a captive vent, it can also be used for testing on flammable gases. Pipework and custom gas meter outlet blocks allow volumetric flow conversion for up to 4 gas meters in series.

The system has a 0.4%Rdg +0.2%FS mass flow accuracy. It utilises 4 pressure transducers and 4 PRT temperature probes, connected to custom fixtures in the interconnecting pipework. The on-board display modules provide mass flow control and display, pressure and temperature measurement display and valve control. Remote monitoring and control is also possible via the built-in webserver or via customer’s own software.

The GMTR is supplied with all parameters calibrated with ISO17025 certification, and is the latest flexible addition to our range of gas meter test systems, adaptable to your individual demands. For more information on this and other instruments and capabilities please call us on +44(0) 1692 500555 or email

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